Mark Helland
I want to share with you some of my thoughts regarding what I believe and why I choose to attend and be a part of St James.

I was brought up in a home in which one’s relationship with God was the primary issue of one’s life. The cornerstone of that relationship was Jesus Christ. His incarnation, life, death and ascension were the actions that enable us to be Christians. We are God’s children that are presented with the decision to live or reject being a part of his family. The work of his Holy Spirit in our lives allows us to live as Christians. We are called by his mercy, to live in his grace, to be joyful givers of his love.

Growing up in my parents’ house I was taught that if you were a Christian you were then to act as a Christian (something that I even now I cannot do in perfection) or as the apostle James puts it “faith without works is dead”. A paraphrase of what my dad would say would go like this “I do not have to do good works to be a Christian, I get to do good works because I am a Christian”. Doing “good” as a Christian, that which Jesus calls us to do, is to be an extension and expression of gratefulness for being the recipient of the “good”. To be a Christian and not do good is as absurd as saying “I am going swimming, but I am not going to get wet”……simply impossible. Living as a Christian is an individual decision to be lived in community by doing good in the power of the Holy Spirit for the sake of Jesus.
Mark Helland, Senior Warden


Why do I choose to attend St. James? The Episcopal church has been my home base where ever I have lived and in every phase of my life. My faith community has supported me in good and difficult times, teaching me about the unconditional love of God. I want to be actively engaged in God’s mission in our community. St. James gives me that opportunity through liturgy, education, and service. St. James exists to be the heart and hands of Christ in community.
Kristin Tuel, former Senior Warden


From my first visit to an Episcopal Church I was impressed with the warmth of the welcome my family and I received. I have been in the EC ever since, over 40 years.  I appreciate the traditional structure of the service. No matter where I have traveled over these past 40 years, whenever I step into an Episcopal Church the service is always the same, and I am immediately at home. I believe all churches lead to God, I also believe, God led me to this church.
Violet Hayes, Parish Assistant