From my first visit to an Episcopal Church I was impressed with the warmth of the welcome my family and I received. I have been in the EC ever since, over 40 years.  I appreciate the traditional structure of the service. No matter where I have traveled over these past 40 years, whenever I step into an Episcopal Church the service is always the same, and I am immediately at home. I believe all churches lead to God, I also believe, God led me to this church. Violet Hayes, Parish Assistant





The 2017 Lake Alice Neighborhood Block Party. This year the picnic/pot luck is scheduled for Thursday July 19th, from 5 pm -7 pm.



The first forum on Human Trafficking held at St James in January, turned into standing room only. Session #2 “What Can WE Do?” and Session #3 “Addressing the Demand”, featuring MEN AS PEACEMAKERS had to be relocated to A Center for the Arts, downtown Fergus Falls, to accommodate the audience.