Members of St. James live out their faith beyond the four walls of the church.  We’d love to partner with you or help you get involved in these initiatives throughout the year.  To get connected, send us an email at:


THE “LAKE ALICE 100” – is set for May 12, 2018

Despite being the most repetitious and compact century ride in America, anyone who’s saddled up for this special event can attest to the magic that is the “LAKE ALICE 100”. With no official registration or entry fee, community support is extremely important, so whether you ride 3 laps or all 100 miles, YOUR participation is the fuel that makes this ride a success!


IMG_2150Lake Alice Neighborhood Block Party – July 19, 2018

Arguably one of the best days of the year here at St James, everyone loves a picnic! We all don our sandals and shorts, maybe a baseball hat, and fill our plates with Minnesota’s finest to relax and enjoy our neighbors.



  • Our parking lot is open everyday to all walkers and joggers.
  • Our restrooms are open during our office hours, Tuesday – Friday from 10 – 2.
  • The Lake Alice Neighborhood Association meets monthly here in the under croft. Email us for dates: