Heart and Hands

St James exists to be the Heart and Hands of Christ in our community, all year long, in many ways. Below you’ll find some areas we are currently involved in.  Want to learn more or get involved?  Send us an email stjamesfergusfalls@gmail.com

Lake Alice – Our parking lot is open to walkers and joggers year-round. Our restrooms are open Tuesday-Friday, 10-2.

August 7th, 2018, is the date for this years Lake Alice Neighborhood Block Party! A feast of food, fun & fellowship, held right here in St James parking lot! We are joining with our city & nation to do something new this year, a nation-wide block party, celebrating National Night Out!

St James is home to the “Lake Alice Neighborhood Association” who, in partnership with the Natural Resource Committee, is working hard to improve water quality in Lake Alice, striving to set an example for other neighborhoods in our community to do the same.


In 2018 our Episcopal Church Women (ECW) inspired us to move forward in the area of informing ourselves and our community in: A Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation Series. January 16th – “It’s Happening Here,” March 6th – “What Can We Do?”,  April 24th- “Men as Peacemakers” here from Duluth, MN featuring the “Don’t Buy It Project”, and “A Survivor Speaks,” April 25th. This series brought people to us personally with deep needs, a child sex abuse victim now in her 60’s, a couple with a child in a trafficking ring, another young woman wanting to retrain her brain from being trafficked.

In the winter/spring of 2017/2018 our community also suffered several tragedies, a murder/suicide of a well known couple with children in our local school , 2 murders of young children through abuse, the murder of a mother/son by a mentally unstable young man whose own mother had cried out for help.

In 2018 and forward we hope to move ahead in working with our community to bring one another together to fight issues that currently separate us… seeing one another through the eyes of “what has happened to us” in our lives, rather than “what is wrong with us.” The viewing of the documentary films “Resilience” and “Paper Tigers” has begun the dialog. This fall our School District #544 will be using the film “The Mask You Live In” to help their staff and coaches, teach our kids, among many other things, the value of “One Caring Adult.” We as individuals will strive to be those caring adults.